Connect GPS tracker with heart rate monitor and WiFi network. Set up devices to have constant access to information about your training.


Prepare the tracker, the heart rate monitor, a computer with Internet access, and a USB cable or the docking station

Remember to charge your device before the first configuration. To do this, connect the tracker to a power source via the USB cable, or insert it to the case and afterwards connect the case to the power source. While being charged, the device should be illuminated alternately with orange, green, and red lights. Once the tracker is fully charged (continuous green LED illumination), you can unplug the device.

Press the button on the unit and hold it until the first vibration or the appearance of the red LED indicator. Wait for 45 seconds and once again press and hold the button (for about 6 seconds) until the tracker starts flashing purple. Afterwards you can release the button.

Amongst the networks available on your computer, search and select the network entitled SN XXXXXXXX (serial number of your tracker) Enter the password 12345678 and connect to the network

Afterwards, open your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and type: Once done, click ‘Enter’.

Once the configuration window is opened, go to the “HRM Sensor” tab. Then, tie the heart rate strap or place two fingers on the metal pins, and click “Scan”. Once the heart rate monitor is displayed, click “Connect”.

Go to the “Wi-Fi” tab and search for the network that you want to connect to (remember! The network that you will select will also serve as the network through which you will be sending data from the tracker to the application). After selecting the network, click “Exit” in the upper right corner.

Your tracker has been configured successfully. Now you can go to: where you can create an account and assign the tracker to your account.


Turn the tracker on and wait for the device to capture the GPS signal (green LEDs will light up). Once done, insert the tracker to the shirt.

After your workout, remove the tracker from the shirt and hold the button until the device turns off.

Once you find yourself in the previously set up Wi-Fi network, turn on the tracker and hold until the blue LEDs appear. Wait until the tracker sends data to your application.

Log in to the application and view a full report from your last workout.