GPS sports tracking system for football, soccer, rugby and field hockey

The new era of team sports is here. Make perfect decisions based on data, improve your performance, and ensure your team is always ready to dominate.

Our sports

By working with elite & amateur teams from soccer, football, rugby and field hockey across 14 countries, coaches, ex-players and fitness teams we’re ensuring that our GPS tracking system has everything your team needs.


Football has never been as fast and demanding before. Make sure your players are always on top of their game: prepare advanced training drills based on tracking their current stamina level, protect their health by keeping workloads under control. By working with Sol Campbell and Andy Cole, we’re ensuring that Sonda Sports tracking system has everything it needs to help your team dominate.


Rugby players are the ultimate athletes. Fast, extremely strong and durable, they’re defining limits of a human body. To ensure this is possible, we’re equipping you with the ultimate rugby tracking system. Protect your health like never before, by understanding your body workloads. Get stronger and faster by adjusting training drills. Our system has been entrusted among others by Lions Rugby and Polish National Rugby team.


The versatility of the game requires players to be extremely agile and fast. This greatly affects the ankles, knees and hamstrings health. Protect your team by incorporating GPS tracking into your field hockey drills and matches. Help them to reach another level by incorporating data-based decision into your game.


There aren’t many sports, that requires out of its players as much as football does. Elusiveness, leg drive, and raw physical strength are amongst the most important traits for every American football player. Whatever physical trait you need, our GPS tracking system for football is here. We’ll help you train harder and smarter by capitalizing on the data that a few years ago was exclusive to the few best teams in the world.

26 statistics measured

Our tracking system was created specifically for the use of team sports. We’ll help you with measuring a variety of statistics: from Distance Covered, accelerations & decelerations, through Metabolic Power, Heart Rate Thresholds and High-Intensity distance. This is a lot of data that you can use on your road to glory. To help you with that, we’re providing you with an in-app data visualization tools, as well as our Customer Support team - who’s always eager to help you.