Modern Athlete management system for team sports

All the data you need within your reach. Measure your players’ body reaction, fatigue level, and level of engagement. Support your natural leadership skills with the newest technologies - created to make your job easier.

26 statistics measured

Measure and control the most important data about your players’ fitness level and workloads. Make squad and training decisions based on true performance.

Each player’s data in one place

Thanks to our dedicated coach app, you can easily monitor every player in one place. You can compare the data and easily switch between your athletes. Our job is to provide you with the highest comfort and reaction time.

Access your data anywhere, anytime

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a training session or doing late-evening tactical analysis. You can access your data easily thanks to our LIVE view, using your computer or iOS & Android device.

Manage workloads and player's engagement
Our athlete management system allows you to monitor a total of 26 statistics, like Distance Covered, Heart Rate Thresholds, Player Load or High Metabolic Load. Use the technology created for the best teams in the world, to analyze your training efforts, and adjust the drills individually to your athletes’ needs.
Improve performance & Identify talents
Make sure that every training session is tailored perfectly to your players’ capabilities. No more over-trained or under-trained players. Using our Gps Sports Tracking you’re always aware of the progress and potential in each player. Never again let any talent slip through your fingers.
Reduce the risk of injury
Keep a track of player’s health, by analyzing workload statistics like Player Load, Training Impulse or Very High-Intensity distance. Keep an eye on the Volume & Intensity of their efforts or rely on our Automatic Injury Risk calculator. The health of your players is the key to your success.
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Control all your players’ performance in one place
It doesn’t matter if you have a team of 4 sports analytics or you’re on your own. Our job is to always keep you up to date. All the data is easily accessible using a dedicated coach & player app. You can either analyze it in the graphic form or export it to 3rd party data tool, for further work.
Data wherever you need it
Bring your database with you, everywhere you go. Our athlete management system based on Amazon Web Services will let you access the vital information on the go, using our Android & iPhone app or work on it on your desktop. Our advanced LIVE data transfer system ensures that you’re always on top of your game.